Veteran Mortgage Loans

What if you had a mortgage that allowed you to adjust your interest rate and lock in low rates automatically? What if it allowed you to refinance without qualifying all over again with credit checks, appraisals, job checks, and so forth? Sound too good to be true? If you’re a veteran, it is true. That’s exactly what a veteran mortgage, or VA home loan, allows you to do.

Thousands of veterans have taken advantage of this fantastic offer from the Veteran Affairs because it’s the smartest mortgage decision a vet can make. It’s available to all prior and current military personnel and to spouses of the deceased military who have not remarried.

Benefits of a Veteran Mortgage
A Veteran mortgage allows you to:

Lower your overall debt by consolidating high-interest loans, credit cards, cars, etc.
Refinance quickly and easily with the VA streamline refinance. No appraisal, no out-of-pocket expenses, and no credit checks.
Have buying power while you shop for a home. The U.S. Government backs a veteran mortgage and requires no private mortgage insurance. Get pre-qualified today by filling out our form.
You can continuously “reset” to a lower interest rate using the streamline refinance once you get a VA loan. Most people would have to pay thousands in closing costs and provide full documentation to do a refinance. But with the Veteran’s mortgage loan you won’t have to do any of that. These loans offer:

Reduced rates for veterans
No private mortgage insurance
Guaranteed by the U.S. Government
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